Ratio of 1 coach to max 4 People

NEW ERA WOMEN is a sister company to our online New Era Coaching service, and will provide female only small group training, based in Junction6 Castleknock. Our goal with this company is to provide a friendly and professional environment, in which we can empower women through proper strength training and conditioning, to live healthier lives and to help them to reach their goals

SMALL GROUP TRAINING is a more cost-effective strategy and the closest thing to 1-1 personal training. Availing of a small group training service allows its members to share the cost of working with an experienced coach. Meaning for a fraction of the price of a 1-1 personal training you can receive comparable high-level coaching and attain real result results.

This service can be more appealing over a longer-term. Entering the small group setting will not only deliver far greater results than your typical large group fitness classes. The higher contact time with your coach means you get more quality work done each session. Training in this setting is a safer more efficient use of your time and money.

    New Era Women Small Group Training is:

  • A structured well thought out strength training plan
  • A low client to coach ratio, 1:4 max
  • A clean comfortable environment in which you can train
  • A safe progressive conditioning plan
  • Appropriately modified based on each persons needs
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    New Era Women extra information:

  • 55 minute sessions, ideally 3 per week
  • Morning time slots: 6am, 7am, 8am, 9:30am
  • Evening time slots: 5pm, 6pm, 7pm
  • Safe Approach to Strength Training
  • Learn Correct Techniques
  • Trial Month: €137p/m Sign-Up Today