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New Era Coaching offers a bespoke service both in person and online for all your training, coaching, conditioning and nutrition needs. Whatever your fitness or nutrition goal is, we can plan the solution with you! Between us we have over 10 years of experience, accumulated over 20,000 hours of coaching across a varied client population.

New Era Coaching offers a wide range of customer centric packages to suit your needs! Don’t see one that suits you, please email us or send us a message:

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    One to One Training

  • All-Inclusive Package
  • Consultation with Coach
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Customised Individual Plan
  • Nutritional Recipes & ideas
  • Price & More Details

    One to One Training

    This all-inclusive package offers the client a comprehensive individual plan to align their training and nutritional needs.

    It starts with your initial consultation with one of our coaches. This will include a physical screening in the form of a Functional Movement Screen.

    This assesses your current mobility and flexibility capabilities. Post assessment, we will discuss your goals, training history, injury history and any other details that is pertinent to building your customised plan. We will subsequently work with you to build your plan to achieve your goals.

    Packages, based on 1 month include:

    - Training 3 times a week: buy 10 pt sessions + 2 free, €50 a session

    - Training 2 Times a week: 7 session 1 free- €50 a session

    Satellite Coaching

  • Hybrid: Online/in-person Coaching
  • Training at Your Local Gym
  • Integrative Mobile Application
  • Strategy Session
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Price & More Details

    Satellite Coaching

    One to One training is not a long-term solution for most due to the associated cost. When you have achieved your goal via our one to one package. You may then want to explore the Satellite Coaching package.

    This form of coaching offers a unique blend of online and In-person coaching at a lower overall cost to the consumer. This hybrid service offers both traditional PT on a once weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. You can then conduct this along with preprogrammed autonomous training at your local gym.

    Our Online training is monitored from our custom built and fully integrative mobile application. This offers the user an interactive portal that guides you step by step through your training program straight from your phone. Once you are set up you can navigate through your scheduled workouts across the weeks as well as direct message your coach at any time. Every day of your program is detailed by your coach, inclusive of Exercise Videos displaying necessary equipment and lifting proper technique.

    This option allows the complete autonomy to your training allowing you to train whenever or wherever you want all while still under the professional guidance and tutelage of our coaches.


    Price: €167 baseline and depending on if you want 1,2,3,4 session per month

    Remote Coaching

  • Industry-leading 100% online
  • Training and Nutrition
  • Online Consultation & Assessment
  • Skype call & Strategy Session
  • Dedicated Coach via App
  • Price & More Details

    Remote Coaching

    This industry-leading 100% online training and nutrition service offers both intermediate and advanced individuals the highest standard of online personal Training and Nutrition coaching at a very affordable price.

    This service involves an online consultation, movement screen and nutritional assessment. Following that, we set up your initial Skype call and strategy session with your dedicated coach. This initial session will outline your short- & medium-term goals with weekly targets set to achieve those goals. We get you set up on our app and teach you to navigate through it to use the service to its full potential.

    Within the app, you will have unrestricted direct access to your coach who will answer any questions you need as well as guide you through your program, of which is laid out in an easy to digest weekly format. The app provides unique ability to keep you accountable to your training as it is all laid out in advance. We monitor and track everything from weight at each session, time spent in each session to weight loss over time. What's not measured is not managed!! We have all bases covered!

    Also available is email support and accountability via set weekly check-ins with your coach, you also possess the ability to directly contact your coach with any issues you face at any time offering a 24h or less reply time.


    Price: €137

    Nutrition Only

  • Unique Nutritional Package
  • Based on YOUR Goals
  • Tailored Nutrition Plan
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle Tracking
  • Open email access to Coach
  • Price & More Details

    Nutrition Only Coaching

    Wondering what to eat and when? We’ve got you covered in this package! We offer a unique nutritional support package. We will work with you based on your goals, to build out a tailored nutrition plan based on your needs.

    We aim to give you the tools and knowledge to empower you to make more informed decisions in relation to your food choices. This coupled with our detailed nutrition & lifestyle tracking document and our open email access to support coaching we make it super easy to achieve your goals.


    Prices: €97

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About Learn more about us

New Era Coaching is an online coaching business founded/co-owned by Graham Norton & Alan Stewart.

Our Story:

We are a health and fitness based company providing people with accessible credible science-based information related to all things training, nutrition and health. We have been in this industry for a long time and are deeply saddened by the amount of poor information being released online today.

With the ever-growing social media platforms, the level of poor, unqualified and often times dangerous information being consumed by the general public has reached an all-time high. Our aim is to be a leading provider for more credible sources of information, to bring about a type of renaissance in terms of how we look for and participant in our health endeavours.

What we offer:

Our brand 'New Era Coaching' represents change, a paradigm shift ...... a change from one way of thinking to another.

We are bringing about a 'NEW ERA' and trying to spread our message free from deceit and lies in a "clinical" yet accessible manner.

  • One to One Training & Coaching 100%

  • Satellite Coaching100%

  • Remote Coaching 100%

  • Nutrition Only Coaching100%

Alan : @alan_newera

Quotes Alan lives by...
  • "Always be happy but never be satisfied"
  • "Be open to anything but attached to nothing"
  • "The more I learn the less I know"
  • "60% of the time it works every time"
Training & Nutrition Education

Nutrition: Certified International Sports Performance Nutritionist with the ISSN

Strength & Conditioning: UKSCA

Personal Training: International Society SPO

Other Qualifications

Degree: B.Eng. in Civil Engineering

Graham : @graham_newera


Graham is currently pursuing his BSc in strength and conditioning and his UKSCA accreditation. Graham currently holds a higher certificate in strength and conditioning, as well as already being a Level 1 certified strength and conditioning coach (CFSC) and functional movement systems (FMS) Level 1 and 2 practitioner.

Strength and conditioning work:

Graham is the current head of S&C with the first team at Bohemian football club for the 2019 season, having previously worked with them in 2018, and their under 19s previous to that. Graham is also the strength and conditioning coach with the Mens Dublin senior football team at Castleknock GAA.

Sporting background:

Graham competed in multiple sports from an early age, before playing football competitively until he was 18 and most recently competed at a national level multiple times in powerlifting.

All Our Packages Contain:

  • Health Questionnaire
  • Screening process
  • Strategy session
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Email support
  • Weekly targets
  • Monthly Reviews
  • Nutritional Recipes & ideas
  • Video Analysis of technique

Drop into our assessment rooms for a chat in Junction 6, Castleknock to discuss any of our packages further or see what we can offer you!

Stories what others say

Graham has helped me achieve many goals over the years from doing my first ever chin up, to dropping a dress size to training while pregnant. no doubt he is completely obsessed with the fitness industry.

"Achieve many goals"Rachel

When it comes to training Graham gives you the structure and guidance required to progress your strength and fitness. He also ensures that you are doing what is best for you and helps you get the most out of every work out.

"Structure & Guidance"Stephen

Plan the work, Work the plan! That's what Alan has always said. Alan's guidance in terms of training & nutrition has been invaluable to me during my time with him and beyond. His attention to detail is second to none, but the key attribute in his skill set is his ability to make complex things simple, relative and easy to implement. We worked together for 16 weeks, He assessed and improved some long-standing injuries of mine & got me in the best shape of my life.

"Ability to make complex things simple"John

I lost over 30 pound during my time training with Graham and continue to maintain this. A huge part of this comes down to the advice and education Graham has provided to me throughout the last 2 years.

"Advice and education"Leanne

Contact Say hi!

New Era Coaching is primarily an online company. The best way to contact us would be via our website contact form or through any of our social media channels. However we can conduct one to one consultations in our assessment centre at Junction 6, Castleknock, Dublin 15.

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New Era Coaching is primarily an online company. The best way to contact us would be via our website contact form or through any of our social media channels. However we can conduct one to one consultations in our assessment centre at Junction 6, Castleknock, Dublin 15.